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Zylone IT provides basic level to sophisticate E-commerce solutions for different types of customers. All solutions are easy to implement and user friendly. The functions include:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Credit Card Processing with Secure Transaction Services
  • Secure Order Forms

Basic Cart

Basic shopping cart is implemented using an open source shopping cart. The basic shopping cart is a full functioning E-commerce solution that can be implemented with an affordable price. This is recommended for new start up and small businesses.

What is included?

  • Open Source shopping cart
  • Full functioning E-commerce solution
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Paypal payment gateway *
  • Affordable price

Recommended for:

  • New start up
  • Small businesses

See past projects that we have done: Needle and Thread, Ecobaby Shop, Cuties Fashion

Demo of our Basic Cart
Admin Panel
Username: admin
Password: 123123

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Premium Cart

Premium shopping cart is implemented using a licensed E-commerce solution. This advanced shopping cart provides well developed system functionalities to enhance shopping experience and simplify administrative task. This is recommended for online shops which will handle a huge number of products.

What is included?

  • Licensed E-commerce solution
  • Advance shopping cart
  • Well developed and supported system functionalities
  • Enhanced shopping experience
  • Simplified administrative task
  • Paypal payment gateway *

Recommended for:

  • Small to medium size businesses
  • Need to handle huge number of products

See past projects that we have done: Flora123, Christian Music House

Demo of our Premium Cart 
Admin Panel

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Note: * Paypal is our preferred choice of payment gateway. Paypal is included in both our Basic Cart and Premium Cart package, however, other types of payment gateway are also available upon request.

Apart from Basic Cart and Premium Cart, Zylone IT also provide a third solution, Lite Cart.


Lite Cart

Lite Cart is a system which provide a different e-commorce experience. It allows user to add products to cart and manage their own cart. Instead of direct user to purchase the products immediately, Lite Cart allows user to send a quotation request for the selected products and quantities.

What is included?

  • Shopping cart solution
  • No payment gateway
  • Allows user to send a quotation request for purchases

Recommended for:

  • Order for products without standard prices

See past projects that we have done: Aquix

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